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HotPicks Discussion
04-03-2016, 10:30 PM
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RE: HotPicks Discussion
(04-03-2016 10:09 PM)ragnorak Wrote:  
(27-01-2016 05:10 PM)Len Wrote:  Hi All
Well Lotto pick five prize money is now £350,000 that's excellent!!!
But what makes me mad is you only have to pay £1 a ticket,
Yet if you play Lotto's Main Game it cost's you £2 a ticket
and most times the prize money for five numbers and the bonus number
are hundred's of thousand's less.

My tip for any Lotto player is start playing Pick Five instead
you can buy two tickets and change one number.
you never know you my win twice.
I concur. I think of it like this: Why do we play the lottery? To win a life-changing amount of money on one lucky night. So which game gives us the best chance of achieving that? Well Lotto was always difficult, and with the addition of 10 more numbers it's now 3 times as virtually impossible as it was before. Even worse, the 5+bonus prize fund has become quite pitiful at the same time as being 3.5 times harder to win - as a prime example, in the last draw there was only one winner of that prize yet it was only £55,323. In the old days you could win around £250,00 if you were the only winner! If you play Lotto you DO have about a 1 in 10 million chance of winning the millionaire raffle IF you only play on Wednesdays (ticket sales are double on Saturday so it's 1 in 20 million). But honestly that's still pretty hopeless...

With Lotto Hotpicks however, the odds are only 1 in 834,398 for a guaranteed £350,000 prize - no need to worry about sharing it! The value-to-odds ratio is also quite reasonable and compares well to what the bookmakers would offer for a similar prize level. Better still, the cost is half of what you'd pay for a ticket for Lotto! Sure, there may not be any smaller prizes to make you feel good along the way but the money you save by paying £1 instead of £2 per line more than makes up for it - it's like winning £25 for every 25 tickets you buy (something you'd probably have to buy 88 tickets to achieve on Lotto) Icon_biggrin

If you want to play with 6 numbers to give yourself a better chance you can simply perm them for £6 - the cost of just 3 lines on Lotto. The odds then are 1 in 144,415.

Hi Ragnorak
It's good to see you back!
I agree with all you have posted, I did email Camelot and ask them if they
can take some money from roll overs and add it to five and the bonus winners
but they said they had no plans to change how the prize money is paid out.

I see tonight on Thunderball and Euro millions all the five numbers
on both draws have the same digital ending's ?

As I've said before pick four or pick five is a better bet.

Best Regards
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