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Hi All ,
just because this new Lottery is already a fact:

I personaly don't understand hows possible a country
witch spend 5 milliards yearly on english language education
for new immigrants to need that miserable additional 50 millions
raised by a New Lottery within the next 12 monts???????????????

But maybe the Lottery operator (whos the Gambling comission)
has some convinsing explanation Icon_razzIcon_eek
Well the health lottery is about health causes, not about funding other things. The National Lottery funds all sorts of non health causes, not everyone agrees with what the money is spent on. I don't know where your information about needing an extra
(14-10-2011 04:12 PM)Frank Wrote: [ -> ]You will never be a millionaire with the new lottery.

Hi Frank ,I agree totaly to you-why properly a person
should spend a
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[b]2 lucky winners scoop
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