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Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
28-06-2021, 06:42 AM
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Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
Lottery games are forms of entertainment. The goal is to have fun whenever you play a game. Yet, you might not find it enjoyable if you have been constantly losing due to bad decisions. It is, therefore, necessary to make the best decisions to decrease losses and prevent potential problems as a lottery player. This is how you can be a responsible lottery player.
Allow me to share with you some reminders on how to play lottery games responsibly. Please add more if you have other helpful ideas. Thanks!
1. Pay the bills before you play the games.
Lotteries should not be a priority whenever you are budgeting your money. Before rushing off to buy a ticket, pay all the bills and settle all your dues first.
2. Never forget that the lottery is not a source of income, but there are other ways to benefit from it.
Unless you are working in the lottery industry, never think that it can be a source of your income. When you play the lottery, expect that there is no way you can recover what you have lost. Spending money is inevitable as a lottery player.
If you are feeling depressed due to many losses, perhaps it is time to take a break. It is time to look for ways on how to benefit from lotteries aside from winning prizes. You could discover through Lotterycodex about an inverse lotto strategy on how you may profit from the industry.
You may start small by buying tickets for other players in exchange for a small fee. You may also invest money on stocks of lottery-related companies.
3. Play with a better understanding about the games.
Many players just look at the size of the jackpot when they play lottery games. However, it is not the jackpot that will let you play lottery games well.
Understand more about the winning probability and odds that a game offers. This will help in picking better games to play and in choosing combinations that will give you the greatest advantage.
4. Play with more combinations, but make sure that these combinations are worth spending money on.
In the UK Lotto 6/59, for example, one combination offers 1 in 45,057,474 winning probability. Buy another combination and you’ll have 2 in 45,057,474 winning probability. Buy more to increase your chances of winning.
Nevertheless, do not buy just any combination. Choose those that offer the best ratios of success to failure so you may play with fewer losses and more winning opportunities.
5. Maximize the spending value of your money.
This involves properly and strategically managing your lottery budget. If you have a budget of £50, how can you maximize its spending value? Decide on the most beneficial way of spending this money.
Should you spend it all in one draw since buying more combinations mean having more chances of winning? You may, but you might enjoy playing the lottery only once.
Should you have a spending limit per draw? This is a much better way to spend your money. Suppose you have set £2 per draws, you could play in 25 draws of the UK Lotto.
You could even implement a timing strategy so you can play only on the most opportune draws instead of successive draws. You can play with the best combinations whose pattern has an approximate interval.
For example, the approximate interval is 19. This allows you to skip 18-20 draws from the last time the pattern occurred. Save the money that you will otherwise spend on consecutive draws. This will let you buy more favorable combinations on your next game participation.
Another way to increase your money’s spending value is by joining or starting your lottery syndicate. In a syndicate, members pool their money so the group can buy more combinations. They share whatever prize their tickets win.
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28-06-2021, 12:51 PM (This post was last modified: 28-06-2021 12:53 PM by Frank.)
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RE: Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
Some sensible tips there. However “ do not buy just any combination. Choose those that offer the best ratios of success to failure so you may play with fewer losses and more winning opportunities.” - is a tall order. It assumes you know which combinations to play. This is the holy grail of all lottery players, and what we all seek and never find. Unfortunately no system exists which works for all draws consistently. Cry
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02-07-2021, 04:36 AM
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RE: Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
It is really impossible to know which combination will win in the next draw because lottery draws are random.
Yet, this random lottery also has a deterministic nature that allows us to know which combinations might dominate a game. By “dominate”, what I mean is that there are combinations which will have more occurrences as more draws are held.
Combinatorics and probability are math concepts that can give us a glimpse of the future deterministic behaviour of lotteries.
Delving deeper into math, combinatorial mathematics may help categorize combinations into several groups based on their number patterns. Binomial coefficient could identify how many ways to win and ways to lose a combinatorial group can offer.
In 6/59, for example, you want to play with the combination 31-36-43-55-56-58. This combination contains 3 odd and 3 even numbers. Yet, all are high numbers. In 6/59, the 3-odd-3-even group offers the best odd-even ratio of 1 to 2 (14,835,240 ways to win and 30,222,234 ways to lose out of 45,057,474 total possible combinations). The 0-low-6-high group has the worst ratio of 1 to 93 (475,020 ways to win and 44,582,454 ways to lose).
In 100 draws, you could match the winning combination’s odd-even pattern 33 times, but only once will you be able to match the low-high pattern of the winning combination.
As you said, determining the best combination is a tall order if one does it on his own. Still, it is something doable especially with the right method and device. There are a lot of devices and strategies lotto players could use. There might not be a perfect tool out there, but he could make a decision on which options will help accomplish his goals.
The Lotterycodex method, for example, is just one of the several options for picking combinations that are best to play. With this method, you’ll easily know which combinations have the best ratio based on their low-odd, low-even, high-odd and high-even pattern.
For a 6/59 game, one of the best patterns offers the ratio of 1 to 19. So there are 5 opportunities to match the winning combination in 100 draws if you play using a combination with this pattern. You’d certainly pick such combinations instead of others that offer only 1/2/3/4 winning shots in 100 draws.
Keep in mind that the assumption here is that the player will play or at least monitor the 100 draws consistently. This analysis might not apply if a player plans only to play occasionally or based on his whims. After all, success in lottery games may come only after a long series of losses.
Sorry if my reply seems argumentative, but I just want to explain that there are ways to find combinations (not the winning combinations) that can lead to fewer losses and more winning opportunities in most draws. Thanks for reading!
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05-07-2021, 01:56 PM (This post was last modified: 05-07-2021 02:32 PM by Frank.)
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RE: Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
Well, where to start..
You sound like me 20 years ago. I was discussing, analysing, researching all these probabilities when I set up my lottery website in 1999. I know all about these combinatoric and math probability concepts, odd/even, sum, pairs, triples, skips, decades, high/low, deltas, consecutives, times overdue, the list goes on - which were so exciting to evaluate and try when the UK lottery was new. The discussion forums were buzzing with enthusiastic players wanting to know more and talk about it. I used Excel ( and still do occasionally) to answer questions relating to statistics and systems. All this stuff is old hat to me now. They all sound good on paper, but lotteries don’t work on 100 draw cycles. They work on multi million draw cycles. All the stuff you say can happen more often in the next 100 draws seldom does to the required accuracy, because there’s still another million or so draws available for them to turn up and still be on course to be consistent with the maths. Taken as an average over a few million draws, even a few thousand - yes they do meet predictions. Unfortunately, to be of any use you need to know in exactly which draws these predictions will come to fruition. That’s where all systems fail.
I’m an old man now, and a lot wiser. I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone new to the subject testing it out for themselves, I loved it because I loved Excel and it was the ideal field to make use of it. It’s fun when you think your system is working, then of course the law of averages kicks in, so you try something else. It keeps you off the streets.
Good luck and continue with your wise words on managing your outlay, I hope you win the lottery, I’m sure it will be by luck and nothing else, but tell yourself you cracked it Icon_wink. Nerd
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06-07-2021, 05:47 AM
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RE: Play Lottery Games Responsibly, Some Helpful Reminders
Hi Frank! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights. I guess being young justifies the enthusiasm and excitement from discovering strategies that work for lotteries. No system is perfect, that I am aware of. So, strategies that help win are what fuel my interest in lotteries. So far, it is the ratio of success to failure offered by lottery combinations is what I could say is the best.
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